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Breathe With Me

You Are On Your Way To Joining The Luminary Citizen Community

Honor your desires and live your truth. We'll work on spaces, relationships, and setting your self up for more abundance together.

Join Me and You’ll Discover:

  • Realize what is true to you
  • Get rid of fears and blocks
  • Create less life clutter and more beauty
  • Nurture relationships with your loved ones
  • Align your deepest desires with the most important areas of your life
  • Clear your mental and physical space to allow for movement in your life

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Anne Mandler

About Anne

Live Your Life's Purpose Mentor & Happiness Expert

Anne Mandler is a speaker, educator, and writer helping you find your life's work, follow your joy, and know happiness. She educates groups with courses on following your desire for a beautiful life, growing your business, communicating effectively, and inspiring leadership and influence by following your most important calling.

Anne runs 2 successful organizations: Anne Mandler, Inc. and The Conscious Living Collective.